FOX Sports College Football Top 30- Week 13

FOX Sports College Football Top 30- Week 13

The top 30 teams in college football in the week 13 poll by Sports...

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide
Record: (10-0)Pts.: 476Last Wk.: 1Trend: --
Next Opponent: Chattanooga
#2 Florida State Seminoles
Record: (10-0)Pts.: 467Last Wk.: 2Trend: --
Next Opponent: Idaho
#3 Baylor Bears
Record: (9-0)Pts.: 443Last Wk.: 3Trend: --
Next Opponent: Oklahoma State
#4 Ohio State Buckeyes
Record: (10-0)Pts.: 435Last Wk.: 4Trend: --
Next Opponent: Indiana
#5 Oregon Ducks
Record: (9-1)Pts.: 405Last Wk.: 6Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Arizona
#6 Auburn Tigers
Record: (10-1)Pts.: 395Last Wk.: 7Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Bye
#7 Clemson Tigers
Record: (9-1)Pts.: 379Last Wk.: 8Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Citadel
#8 Missouri Tigers
Record: (9-1)Pts.: 367Last Wk.: 9Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Ole Miss
#9 Texas A&M Aggies
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 352Last Wk.: 10Trend: 1
Next Opponent: LSU
#10 Oklahoma State Cowboys
Record: (9-1)Pts.: 331Last Wk.: 11Trend: 7
Next Opponent: Baylor
#11 Stanford Cardinal
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 322Last Wk.: 5Trend: 6
Next Opponent: California
#12 Michigan State Spartans
Record: (9-1)Pts.: 277Last Wk.: 13Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Northwestern
#t13 South Carolina Gamecocks
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 264Last Wk.: 12Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Coastal Carolina
#t13 UCLA Bruins
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 264Last Wk.: 14Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Arizona State
#15 Fresno State Bulldogs
Record: (9-0)Pts.: 241Last Wk.: 15Trend: --
Next Opponent: New Mexico
#16 Wisconsin Badgers
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 226Last Wk.: 18Trend: 2
Next Opponent: Minnesota
#17 UCF Knights
Record: (8-1)Pts.: 214Last Wk.: 16Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Rutgers
#18 LSU Tigers
Record: (7-3)Pts.: 208Last Wk.: 17Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Texas A&M
#19 Louisville Cardinals
Record: (9-1)Pts.: 183Last Wk.: 19Trend: --
Next Opponent: Memphis
#20 Northern Illinois Huskies
Record: (10-0)Pts.: 197Last Wk.: 20Trend: --
Next Opponent: Toledo
#21 Arizona State Sun Devils
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 180Last Wk.: 21Trend: --
Next Opponent: UCLA
#t22 Oklahoma Sooners
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 141Last Wk.: 22Trend: --
Next Opponent: Kansas State
#t22 USC Trojans
Record: (8-3)Pts.: 141Last Wk.: 29Trend: 7
Next Opponent: Colorado
#24 Mississippi Rebels
Record: (7-3)Pts.: 107Last Wk.: 27Trend: 3
Next Opponent: Missouri
#25 Minnesota Golden Gophers
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 106Last Wk.: 26Trend: 1
Next Opponent: Wisconsin
#26 Duke Blue Devils
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 105Last Wk.: NRTrend: NEW
Next Opponent: Wake Forest
#t27 Georgia Bulldogs
Record: (6-4)Pts.: 41Last Wk.: 25Trend: 2
Next Opponent: Kentucky
#t27 Texas Longhorns
Record: (7-3)Pts.: 41Last Wk.: 24Trend: 3
Next Opponent: Bye
#29 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Record: (7-3)Pts.: 26Last Wk.: NRTrend: NEW
Next Opponent: BYU
#30 Cincinnati Bearcats
Record: (8-2)Pts.: 24Last Wk.: NRTrend: NEW
Next Opponent: Houston

Nebraska 15, Ball State 14, East Carolina 12, Houston 10, Miami 10, BYU 7, Michigan 5, Louisiana-Lafayette 5, Boise State 3, Toledo 1

The FOX Sports Top 30 College Football Poll is voted on by 16 publishers, writers and analysts from the and FOX Sports platform.  Voters include: Ben Love (@BenLoveTSD), Bob Przybylo (@BPrzybylo), Brandon Huffman (@BrandonHuffman), Brian Dohn (@BrianDohnScout), Casey Cosgrove (@caseycosgrove), Chris Fetters (@Chris_Fetters), Dean Legge (@Dawg_Post), Jamie Newberg (@JamieNewberg), Jarret Johnson (@JohnsonJarret), Jody Demling (@jdemling), Josh Harvey (@JoshHarveyFOX), Mark Murphy (@ITATJason), Mark Rea (@MReaBSB), Mike McAllister (@McAllisterOnFox), Scott Kennedy (@ScoutKennedy) and Tim O'Malley (@timomalleyND‎).

The votes were tallied with 30 points for No. 1, 29 for No. 2, 28 for No. 3, etc. Recommended Stories


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