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College Football Week Six TV Listings

A look at the televised games in week six of the 2014 college football season...

2014-2015 Bowl Projections: Week 5

Predicting and projecting the possible post-season matchups

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week Five

The top two spots remain Oregon-UCLA, but a wild weekend in the conference sees some movement in this week's Pac-12 Power Rankings...

Who's Not? Week 5: ASU, Army, Conner

The dud teams, players, coaches and trends from Week 5

Who's Hot? Week 5: Deshaun, Ameer, UCLA

The stud teams, players, coaches and trends from Week 5

COW, Part 2: Interesting Playoff Contenders

Cavalcade of Whimsy Kickoff, Part 2 - The sleeper playoff teams

Cavalcade: No, Florida State Isn't No. 1

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Core values, Michigan promos, and why FSU isn't really on top

Scout College Football Top 30 Week Five

Who jumped to the top spot and how far did Florida State fall?

2014 CFN Rankings - Week 5

You must rank teams based on how good you believe they are at the moment. That's the point when it comes to putting the teams in some order. However, once the year is complete, it's only fair to take the subjectivity out of it and go by what actually happened on the field.

And So It Is Written ... Breaking Down Week 5

What Mattered This Weekend. And so it is written, the ten things to care about from Week 5

The Best Games of Week Five

The best games, the biggest moments, and the most memorable battles of the week.

Rich Rants: Week 5 - USC, Baylor & Fear Ameer

Week 5 thoughts, musings and ramblings about the weekend.


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    • 01.


      Commits: 21
      Points: 4,116
      Conference: SEC
    • 02.


      Commits: 22
      Points: 3,609
      Conference: SEC
    • 03.

      South Carolina

      Commits: 27
      Points: 3,442
      Conference: SEC
    • 04.

      Texas A&M

      Commits: 19
      Points: 3,261
      Conference: SEC
    • 05.


      Commits: 20
      Points: 3,256
      Conference: SEC
    • 06.

      Penn State

      Commits: 20
      Points: 3,243
      Conference: Big Ten
    • 07.

      Florida State

      Commits: 18
      Points: 3,105
      Conference: ACC
    • 08.


      Commits: 24
      Points: 3,101
      Conference: SEC
    • 09.


      Commits: 20
      Points: 2,936
      Conference: ACC
    • 10.

      Mississippi State

      Commits: 28
      Points: 2,876
      Conference: SEC